Noel Ahern TD

Noel Ahern was elected in Dublin Northwest for Fianna Fail after the retirment of Michael Barrett. Like his predecessor, he is an assiduous constituency worker. He and a band of acolytes set out on Saturdays at about 2 pm from the Autobahn Pub carpark. This event was noticeable as those of us with sporting interests and an other existence going to Lansdowne Road could not be fail to notice this regular get-together.It is classic ward healing. I have always believed that this activity is the reason why Irish politics is so superficial because, knowledge requires study and a 24/7 engagment with the public means that most people would be unable to remain sufficietly informed on issues. Ignorance in public life is certainly not bliss as the country now realises.

After his spell as Minister for Drugs,is attitudes changed and it was obvious that he had learned lot. The other thing about Noel is his honesty. I never saw him lie at a meeting. (That implies that others have!) Noel is an honourable man. He is not and never was his brothers keeper.

I respect him and wish him a long and happy retirement. I hope he no longer has to list Church Avenue as his address for whatever reason. Sutton will do nicely.

I hope some of his clients notice that the only premier league candidate left in the constituency is Bill. In their own interests, I advise them to vote No 1 Bill Tormey for coherent politics. But like Mandy Rice Davies said of Stephen Ward “He would say that wouldn’t he?” (Profumo Affair)