New Numbers in the National Debate

New Numbers

January 2011 Number on Live register – 439,200 (-7,000)

2011 – Taxes gross €34.9 billion

2011 National debt interest payments €5 billion

FG NewEra Plan – 20,000 jobs per year for four years – €7 billion funding

FG No income tax increases or cuts to Old Age pension

FG agrees to €15 billion of cuts – IMF/ECB

€6 billion is already in this years budget –

That leaves €9 billion

FG says that this will be nearly €3 billion in tax increases and €6 billion in spending cuts. That is 2 to 1 not three to one.

FG wants to reduce public sector numbers by 30,000 with retirements and natural wastage the mainstay. ( Check my public sector page here)