Enda Kenny – message for the country

Dear Member

This week’s message comes to you, as promised, from the campaign trail.

Today’s destinations were Laois-Offaly and Tipperary North. I will stay in Limerick tonight before hitting the road again for Clare and Galway West tomorrow.

Our campaign formally kicked off this week with the launch of our 5 Point Plan to Get Ireland Working on Wednesday.

As I travel around the country hearing about your lives, your struggles and all too often, your fears for the future, I remain fully confident that Fine Gael has the right people and the right plans to radically change the direction of our country for the better.

Our 5 Point Plan is designed to create jobs, reform the health system, fix the budget crisis, make Government smaller and more cost effective and make politicians share a fair portion of the burden.

My conversations with people on the campaign trail this week strongly confirmed to me that the chronic unemployment levels are your number one concern.

That is why we have placed it at the very centre of our 5 Point Plan.

500 more people lost their jobs this week.

We have a clear, credible jobs plan which will create 100,000 jobs over the next five years. We will do this by focusing on spending cuts rather than the tax increases which ultimately cripple job growth.

The simple fact is this – because of the country’s current economic state, we are left with a stark choice to make. Fine Gael remains committed to reducing the Budget deficit by 2014 and we can do this in one of two ways – either by increasing taxes or by reducing waste.

I know that the severe tax increases which have been forced on the Irish people in recent times mean that many of you are now enduring intolerable levels of hardship.

Our 5 Point Plan instead involves a drastic reduction in the waste and inefficiency blighting our Public Service. This will allow us to protect our vital front-line services.

This week, I heard in detail about the many different ways in which front line cuts are impacting on people’s day to day lives.

Many of you are no longer within comfortable reach of an accident and emergency department and many more are worried about overcrowding in your children’s classroom.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

To each and every one of you, all over the country, who are assisting me in this campaign to change the direction of our country, I sincerely thank you.

I hope to have the chance to meet many of you in the coming days and weeks.

Kind regards

Yours sincerely
Enda Kenny, TD
Leader of Fine Gael