Xenophobes and racists are alive and objectionable in Dublin.

Looked at the “Cry Freedom” movie and the Soweto massacre of 700 children in the 70s. The full horror of racism and EVIL is depicted. So xenophobes and racists, I am not a fellow traveller. I understand the frustrations of people in bad straits at the door in the present circumstances. But our school system has failed us when I have to listen and object to the racism evident in our society. – No blacks, No dogs, No Irish – London 1950s.

The downside of comprehensive canvassing is hearing the voice of intolerance, racism and hatred. Usually prefaced by “I’m not a racist but………”

Where did the brotherhood of man go? Do teachers ever teach the text of the UN Charter of Rights or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

My neighbour used to be all mankind when I was in school. What has happened? When other gene pools come here, we object! Well I wish our emigrants the best of luck abroad and I hope that they are respected as people and treated well. As for the NEW IRISH – Welcome – Bill is for you.