FG Election Manifesto

‘Let’s Get Ireland Working’ – Kenny publishes FG’s Election Manifesto

Fine Gael today (Tuesday) launched the Party’s Manifesto, which sets out how Fine Gael will turn its election campaign theme, ‘Let’s Get Ireland Working’, into concrete action. Speaking at the launch in Dublin, Enda Kenny said: ‘This is a Manifesto about jobs, about transforming Ireland, and getting Ireland working’.

“Every section of the Manifesto has been prepared with a view to maximising job creation, growth, and the transformation and modernisation of our public services. This Manifesto sets out how we plan to grow the economy, keep taxes low, eliminate waste, and do so while protecting the most vulnerable in our society.

“I want Ireland to be the best small country in the world in which to do business, but I also want our public services to be the envy of the world. These objectives are ambitious, but achievable. What is needed is a plan. Fine Gael has that plan. That is our Five Point Plan to get Ireland Working.

“This Manifesto fleshes out the core elements of our policy platform set out in the Five Point Plan, and sets out our agenda if we get elected into government on February 25th. Of key importance in our plans is:

• Radical public sector reform to protect frontline services while cutting out waste;
• Create thousands of new jobs with a €7 billion investment NewERA plan;
• Reduce the Budget deficit to 3% by 2014, and only borrow for investment purposes by 2016;
• Overhaul the health service to put patients first and introduce the Dutch system of universal health insurance;
• Make politicians lead the way in cuts by reducing the number of national politicians by 35%, and abolishing the automatic right to a Ministerial car and driver;
• Focus on Budget cuts rather than job-destroying tax increases (73% savings to 27% taxation measures); specifically, no hikes to income tax or taxes on jobs (employers’ PRSI) and protect the 12.5% rate of corporation tax;
• Bring rogue bankers to book by stamping out white collar crime;
• Protect State pensions and payments to carers, widows, people with disabilities and blind people, and tackle the massive levels of administrative cost and fraud.

“The next government must pick up the pieces. It must steer the country away from bankruptcy by solving the debt crisis in a way that protects the most vulnerable and distributes the burden fairly. Changing the government is a necessary step in restoring confidence and beginning a process of re-invention and renewal. Today’s Manifesto, and our Five Point Plan, provide the roadmap to lead our country back to a brighter and more hopeful future.”