Taxis – FG policy

There is already an effective cap in taxi numbers in place.

“The only licences currently being awarded are for either for wheelchair accessible vehicles or limousines.

“No standard taxi licence has been awarded for over a year.

“Noel Dempsey and Fianna Fáil have flatly refused to assist taxi drivers, repeatedly ignoring their difficulties.

“Yet just one week before polling day Charlie O’Connor decides to pull a populist stunt.

“Fine Gael is offering the taxi industry real change, not just blatant electioneering. We think it’s only fair to review the Nine Year Rule.

“Fine Gael supports the Taxi Regulator’s commitment to increase the quality and safety standard of taxi vehicles. However, in the current economic circumstances it is unreasonable to expect drivers to upgrade to new vehicles. The Taxi Regulator estimates that 24% of taxis will need to be replaced by the end of 2011.

“Taxis in Ireland provide a vital service to business and the consumer and must receive the same assistance as other forms of public transport.”