Taxis – Carey’s outrageous pretense

Carey’s complete U-turn on taxis is desperate vote-grabbing attempt – Coveney

Old-style FF promises will make no difference

Pat Carey’s last-minute decision to abandon the ‘nine year rule’ for taxis is a desperate attempt to grab votes before election day, Fine Gael Transport Spokesman Simon Coveney said today (Monday).

“Fianna Fáil is famous for its vote-grabbing antics, but this takes the biscuit.

“Pat Carey’s decision to abandon the nine year replacement rule for taxis, just a few days before election day, is obviously a desperate attempt to grab a few votes at the last minute.

“If elected to government, Fine Gael is committed to reviewing the nine year rule and restructuring the industry. Taxis in Ireland provide a vital service to businesses and the consumer. We are fully conscious of the difficulties facing taxi drivers.

“Taxi drivers won’t be fooled by this last-minute attempt to buy their votes.”

I have been running against Mr Carey for years. He is adept at doorstep promises. Whatever your having yourself and one for everyone in the audience!

How many taxidrivers will be fooled? Sweet Georgia Brown (SFA) I reckon.