Thoughts on the election and “Tonight with Vincent Browne”

I never want to see the consequences of a default visiting on the people who voted for me. People have lives to live, mouths to feed, bills to pay and dependent relatives. Just because I have a sense of humour and a sense of the absurd does not mean that I am less than serious. This country is in an enormous hole. I believe that careful management is needed to find ourt way out of this morass. Glib trite musings from Ganley who demands that elected politicians behave in a similar manner is not the way forward.

Singing “Waltzing Matilda” was my response to the cras absurdity of the bully Ganley. If Vincent does not control him then I will have a go.

The reaction from the obsessives in was predictable. They cannot see that I was taking on Mr Libertas who knows it all. It is unnecessary to be conventional all the time. I am passionate about this country and about humanity. The national debt will be dealt with by 2014 in a constructive manner. It is clear what the new government must do. My job is to lobby to lessen the burden on the less well off and to promote social solidarity. What has happened to the Irish people is desperately sad.

My main impressions learned from the doors is the anger and fear of public servants about the income cuts that they have suffered so far and their struggle to survive the twin vice-grip of lower income and higher costs. I was eaten at one door in Dunsoghly by two relatively senior civil servants whose anger was palpable regarding their incomes and the cost of childcare.

Another issue was the proposal to remove Irish as a compulsory subject in the Leaving Certificate. This upset a large number of people in Dublin Northwest.

Abortion and the X-Case ruling together with the European Court ruling was often brought up.

Cuts in welfare payments and child benefit were also common topics.