Dublin Northwest

Disappointed that the effort of my helpers did not get better reward. The people here have spoken. In an area needing regeneration and sympathetic politicians who understand poverty, Dessie Ellis got reward for a monumental amount of parish pump politics over many years. He is an honourable man and I respect him. Roisin Shortall had a triumphant return to Dail Eireann. John Lyons combed out Ballymun and is a true native. For that reason, it is a great thing that a Ballymuner got elected to Dail Eireann. My vote in Finglas and Ballymun fell. Why? Who knows? Factors – Dessie is a great worker. I cannot compete in the roads and paths issues. I have to do other things and work, read etc. Fine Gael should have run one candidate – Breen can now go home to Clontarf. Looking at the 2,000 gap with Lyons, it may have been impossible to beat Labour here just now. Dessie Ellis is Opposition will likely be elected here for many years as he will undoubtedly beaver away at the street level only now with even greater resources including a constituency office. I expect Fianna Fail to possibly return at the next election so the two seat Labour team will have theirn work cut-out. I anticipate that Roisin Shortall will be appointed to a ministerial position. Losers in this 1. me and 2. Andrew Montague. I will be interested to see if Mr G. Breen gets the nod for the Senate.

I will focus on a doctorate that I am doing. I will blog less and see how it goes.

I really regret the poor reward for my helpers – Thanks to them all. I will not name them here as they are entitled to their privacy.