McGuirk and von Braun

Tom McGuirk debated the thesis that Labour should stay in opposition and form an alliance of socialists against Fine Gael who should be supported by Fianna Fail with Fergus Finlay on George Hook’s show on Newstalk on monday. McGuirk’s argument was rejected by Finlay on the basis that the electorate has voted for Lab/FG and that the precident for a Grand Coalition ( a National Government) was the Willy Brandt government of SPD and CDU in West Germany. Because this is a national emergency, I agree with Fergus. Tom McGuirk writes uber nationist essays in the Sunday Business Post and is NOT a Labour voter ever. I( wait for the appearance in cabinet of Ruairi Quinn and Pat Rabbitte. The entertainment will be in watching Roisin Shortall metamorphose from being “against” things to having to be for something other than momma and apple pie.

Dessie Ellis was on Front Line tonight and a few more such economic exposees will pose interesting questions. He is however an excellent constituency worker and is a genuine head despite his history.

Lyons – well John Lyons. “I suppose………………….”

Joan Collins must have had the Eurocrats quaking in their boots after her TV performance tonight.

Vicenzo von Braun repeated the mantra of Declan Ganley about a plan B if the economic plan A fails. In fairness Ger Colleran put him in his place tonight on that score. Ger did a better job on Vincent that I did on Ganley on Friday last. I’m sure he did not awaken the sleeping Twitters to slag him off on an industrial scale. By the way lads, there were many people who send me supportive messages by email and text. Hidinjg behind a pseudonym is not very brave. At least I make my views public and have to defend them.