MOST important ruling on human rights affecting Ireland that I remember.

In a landmark residency case brought before the European Court of Justice, Irish citizen children deported with their non-EU parents is illegal & against EU Treaties. Dept of Justice in Dublin will now have to retrace steps and facilitate residence for hundreds of people in this category so deported if they wish to return to Ireland!

Mr Ruiz Zambrano challenges that argument before the referring court (Belgium Supreme Court), stating inter alia that he enjoys a right of residence directly by virtue of the EC Treaty or, at the very least, that he enjoys the derived right of residence, recognised in Case C 200/02 Zhu and Chen [2004] ECR I 9925 for the ascendants of a minor child who is a national of a Member State and that, therefore, he is exempt from the obligation to hold a work permit.

On those grounds, the Court (Grand Chamber) hereby rules:

Article 20 TFEU is to be interpreted as meaning that it precludes a Member State from refusing a third country national upon whom his minor children, who are European Union citizens, are dependent, a right of residence in the Member State of residence and nationality of those children, and from refusing to grant a work permit to that third country national, in so far as such decisions deprive those children of the genuine enjoyment of the substance of the rights attaching to the status of European Union citizen.

This ruling has huge implications here. It is a great relief to me that racists have been confronted full on. In the recent general election, I listened to a lot of overt racists on doors. It is now very important that we organise proper integration policies and also clear coherent immigration rules. The issue has huge social implications for future Ireland. I