Waivers and €600 per week

Dear Councillor,

At the Environment and Engineering Strategic Policy Committee meeting on 24th March 2011, a discussion took place on an amendment to the Waiver Scheme for Waste Charges. The proposal was to impose an upper limit of €500 per week, net income to a household, to qualify for a waiver of the fixed waste charge in year 2011. This upper limit figure excluded such additional income as Children’s Allowances, Rent Allowance etc and was initially determined to ensure that a couple living on a state pension would not be affected and would still qualify for the waiver. A number of members of the Committee expressed disagreement with the proposal on principle and some expressed disagreement with the figure selected as the upper limit. The matter was again discussed at the Council Meeting on Monday 4th April 2011 with, generally, the same reservations being expressed.

I undertook, at the SPC meeting, to re-examine the proposal and to revert to the members of the Committee within 2 weeks.

I have re-examined the proposal and am still of the view that from the perspective of equity across the scheme, there is every reason to proceed with the proposal. However, in light of the reservations expressed at both the SPC and the Council meetings, I am increasing the upper limit from €500 to €600 net household income to qualify for a waiver of the fixed waste charge in 2011.

Bills in respect of the first quarter of 2011 will be issued within the next two weeks and waiver application forms will be included with the bills. Information in relation to the change detailed above will also be included with the bills.