Political Hot Turds and Truisms

Turd of the week – winner – Shane Ross – Ireland should be pursuing a “completely different policy”. It was “disappointing to go through the procedure every three months of “having the IMF and EU coming and giving us a pat on the back, saying you have done very well, you are paying up, you are crucifying your taxpayers on behalf of the taxpayers of Europe.”

These from RTE News.

Paul Tansey might put the following to you Shane – When should Ireland pursue a COMPLETELY different policy? Would you not close the fiscal deficit? Would you reject the deal that you have inherited? If so – where would you get the money to pay Social Welfare, Cops, Nurses, TDs, Bill Tormey etc?? Would yopu inpose immediate cuts of 40% across gthe board? Where does that leave consumer demand and mortgage default? Are you joining Gerry (Adams) by any chance?

Truism of the week. Pearse Doherty – he called for a fundamental renegotiation of the bailout deal which is “hurting our people, our services and our economy”.

Bill asks you Mr Doherty – Can you name a “Bailout” that did not reduce spending on the lower paid and unemployed anywhere in the world? If we took Sinn Fein literally, we would have only our own resources of about €27 billion in tax after the 40% drop in payments in the public service across the board which will reduce the tax take greatly and add hugely to the rate of mortgage default.