Global Village on Newstalk and transsex

Tonight on Global Village with Dessie Ellis TD, Abie Philbin-Bowman, Brian O’Reilly and Louise Hannon of Transgender Equality, transgender was discussed. All panelists supported Louise Hannon who had been awarded €35,000 in the courts this week. There are a high number of conservative, intolerant, judgemental people in Ireland who are themselves conditioned by religious social and political mores to remain railway tracked in their attitudes to gender issues many of which are physically, genetically and psychologically complex. This area is indeed very complex and the Irish Endocrine Club at the RCPI had a presentation on the suject late last year which I found very interesting.

Individuals who stand out and declare that they do not fit into conventional categories have to be admired for their bravery, given the deep prejudice that runs through society in most countries. Culture and prejudice determine the outcomes for many people of difference. God is often thrown into the mix as the arbiter of acceptibility. Unfortunately, that same deity cannot protest at name abuse.

The complexity of these issues can be gleaned by the transgender (people who want to live cross gender without sex reassignment surgery) v transsexuals (desire to mlive and be accepted as a member of the sex opposite to that assigned at birth), cross dressers , drag queens and kings, transvestites (wears the clothing of the opposite sex), genderqueer (gender experiences that do not fit into binary concepts, refers to a combination of gender identities and sexual orientations. An example is a person whose gender presentation is sometimes perceived as male sometimes female, but whose gender identity is female, gender expression is butch, and sexual orientation is lesbian), androgynes ( no specific form of sexual orientation, neyond gender, between genders, moving across genders, genderless. It can be either physical or psychological anbd it does not depend on birth sex).

There are medical conditions involved including hermaphroditism, adrenal abnormalities and hormone resistance syndromes.