Dublin Port

Damien kiberd wites of the success of Dublin Port in the Sunday Times today. Since 1987 Dublin Port has invested €280 million in fixed assets yet only owes €30 million. Inn 2009, turnover was €63 million but earnings before interest , tax, depreciation and amortisation was €32 million. Annual pension bill is €6.5 million. Volume grew by 6.1% in 2010 and exports were up 12.6%. In Q1, 2011 volumes are up another 3%.It handles 50% of country’s trade. Turnaround time for vessels is two hours to unload and relaod big ships.

Peal volumes were in 2007 at 31 m tonnes and this year is likely to be back at 29m tonnes which is big considering the 20%+ GDP economic crash.

Last year, 130,000 tourists visited the city via cruise ships from 85 landings. 1.8 million visited through the port.

Dublin Port is projecting growth at 2.5% per year up to 2040. It will need another 100 acres (40 hectares of land). A plan to reclaim 21 hactares near the Bull Wall is likely to get Baywatch etc in a big sweat. There is another plan to fill in 14 hectares in the South Docks. I am on record as supporting the Dublin Port plans but I am in a minority on Dublin City Council as far as I know.