Disability services

Anne Melly gave a passionate presentation of the disability services and the problems thereof at the present time in Dublin Northeast Area of HSE.There are 60 (SIXTY) service providers in this area and obviously synergies must be obvious in the interests of efficiencies and cost effectiveness, For example multiple CEOs, Heads of Personnel and Finance etc. There is a value for money report expected which will guide further activities.Housing and transport are obvious areas for progress.

Bed blockers are a problem in the system in North Dublin at present and this is known widely. Any involved person has the legal right to an assessment of need within 6 months of making the request. There are 25 people bejond the six months maximum at the moment. Early intervention is more effective and the benefits are reaped in later years.

There is a need for targeted residential services for people with disabilities and standards are not regulated at present. The policy now is to move residential services into the community and that is happening at St Itas. there is a policy to reconfigure children’s services in line with primary care teams and networks to ensure equal access for all children.

In five of six areas there is no backlog. NorthDublin is the exception.

My questions are

1. How many assessments are needed per year?
2. What professionals
3. What are the governance arrangements
4. An inspectorate should be rotated after a fixed term.
5. What is the time and motion on an average assessment to determine the correct number of assessors?
6. What is exactly assessed?
7.How do the Local Authorities perform their housing refurbishment functions?