Finance at Dublin City Council

Councillor Killian Ford has resigned his seat at Dublin City Council. He was elected for Sinn Fein and later moved to the Labour Party. Following the 2009 Local Elections, he was elected chairman of the Finance Strategic Policy Committee. He did a good job in steering through difficult budgets, voting for choices he had hammered out in a mature responsible way.He obviously had a difficult political experience and has gone to pastures new. His talent is widely recognised at the City Council and he is a loss to public representation.

Ruairi McGinley is a highly qualified accountant and finance expert. He is a quiet, thoughful and honest man. As Fine Gael’s leading finance expert at the City Council, we have grown to trust his judgement while never doubting his integrity. It is my intention to recomment that we nominate our best qualified person for this position. To surmount the national crisis, it is the duty of responsible politicians to offer their talents in the national and city interest. That is why I support Ruairi as an appropriate replacement for Killian.

Finally, I wish Killian the best in his new pursuits and hope to see him back battling elections in the future. One swallow does not make a summer and one duck does not unmake a politician.