The Queen of England makes a big contributi​on to the peace process at the Garden of Remembranc​e in Parnell Square

Tuesday 17th May was President Mary McAleese’s finest hour. From the Anglo-Irish Treaty to Sunningdale to the Anglo-Irish Agreement to the Downing Street Declaration to the Belfast Agreement to the Cohabitation power sharing at Stormont to the State visit of the Elizabeth 11 – peace and reconcilliation means a lot.

Until the EU/ECB/IMF deal, I used to have great hope for my country. I still have and I have a hope and belief that Enda Kenny is a person who will put the country and our people first in the survival game that the republic is now engaged in.

I felt sorry for Brian Cowen in particular when he was interviewed as part of the Council of State at Parnell Square. I’m sure that he would love to rewind the clock. Bertie Ahern will leave as his legacy the Belfast Agreement and a competent performance as President of the European Council. His psychological need for street popularity lead him to the black hole of national insolvency. He was like a snake charmer massaging the people who voted for his recklessness and incompetence in their tens of thousands.

Ulick O’Connor showed why he was famous during his time on the Late Late Show panel and afterwards. His books on Gogarty and Behan were verey entertaining a wll written. Ulick made mine meat of the nonsequitors of Councillor Brid Smith on Vincent Browne. The “Justice for the Forgotten” group certainly deserve respect and I will await the results of Enda’s conversation with David Cameron.