Northwest Area Committee – including Oldtown/Ballymun gap



Friday 20th May 2011

NW/116/11 Minutes of the North West Area Committee Meeting held on 15th April 2011
ORDER: Agreed

NW/117/11 Questions to the Area Manager (May)
ORDER: Noted

NW/118/11 Nomination to Finglas/Cabra Local Drugs Task Force
ORDER: It was noted that Deputy Dessie Ellis T.D. would continue to attend Board meetings of the Finglas/Cabra Local Drugs Task Force. It was proposed by Councillor Bill Tormey and seconded by Councillor John Redmond that Councillor Paul McAuliffe be nominated to the Board of the Drugs Task Force.

Area Matters

NW/119/11 With reference to a request to initiate the process for the extinguishment of the right of way between Oldtown Road and Shangan Road, Dublin 9.

Following a debate on the issues involved, the meeting was temporarily adjourned to bring to order the visitors in the public viewing gallery.

Standing orders were suspended to allow the following Emergency Motion:

“That a report on issues relating to the gap between Oldtown Road and Shangan be provided at monthly North West Area Committee meetings and quarterly North West Area Joint Policing Sub Committee meetings. That the Gardaí be requested to implement a local policing plan and provide a monthly written report and statistics to the North West Area Committee on the
• number of calls received
• nature of calls
• nature of Garda response to calls received
• results of any investigations undertaken

That the Manager engage an independent facilitator to conduct an assessment of the situation, meet with Residents from Oldtown, Shangan, Gardaí and BRL and report back to the North West Area Committee within a reasonable timeframe.”
ORDER: Agreed

NW/120/11 Progress Report on Social and Affordable Housing in the North West Area
ORDER: Noted

NW/121/11 Finglas Area Office Update
ORDER: Noted. Report on funding issues affecting the Travelling Community to be brought to the June North West Area Committee meeting. The Finglas Suicide Network to be invited to make a presentation to the July North West Area Committee meeting.

NW/122/11 Finglas Voids Report
ORDER: Noted

NW/123/11 Ballymun Voids Report
ORDER: Noted

NW/124/11 Environmental Report
ORDER: Noted


NW/125/11 Motion in the name of Councillor Bill Tormey

That the Manager arrange to submit the report on the ‘Proposal to extend the City Boundary to the M50 between the N3 (Navan Road) and the N1 (Swords Road)’ as agreed at the North West Area Committee meeting held on 19th January 2009.
ORDER: Report to Councillor.

NW/126/11 Motion in the name of Councillor Bill Tormey

Will the Manager provide an update on the Centre of Excellence for the Elderly at Cardiffsbridge Road.
ORDER: Report to Councillor. The Manager to ascertain the likelihood of funding for this scheme under an alternative social housing mechanism such as the long term leasing scheme. It was further agreed that the Manager discuss the possibility of upgrading the open space at this location and in front of the shopping precinct on Cardiffsbridge Road with the Parks Department.

NW/127/11 Motion in the name of Cllr Anthony Connaghan

That the Manager arranges for cobblestone or paving to be fitted around new flower bed in Kilshane Court (just inside entrance on left hand side).
ORDER: Report to Councillor.

NW/128/11 Motion in the name of Cllr Anthony Connaghan

That the Manager arranges for all the nuts and bolts on the fencing around the green at Cappagh Road to be welded so as to stop the fencing being opened to allow horses and quad bikes inside. And to also arrange for some kind of cushions to be fitted on the swinging gate at entrance where banging is causing a nuisance to local residents.
ORDER: Report to Councillor.

NW/129/11 Motion in the name of Cllr Anthony Connaghan

That the manager arranges for the leaks to be repaired at the following addresses
(a) 36 Ballygall Crescent
(b) at the lane to the side of Ballygall Crescent near 53 Ballygall Parade.
These have been reported numerous times and not acted on.
ORDER: Report to Councillor.

NW/130/11 Motion in the name of Cllr Larry O’Toole

That the Manager arranges for signs to be placed at the entrance to Glenties Park and Glenties Drive and also arranges for a programme to roll out these new signs across the area.
ORDER: Report to Councillor.

NW/131/11 Motion in the name of Cllr Críona Uí Dhalaigh

That the manager looks at the possibilities of seeking funding to provide extensions to 1-10 Avila Park as they are badly needed
ORDER: Report to Councillor.

Engineering Matters


NW/132/11 Motion in the name of Councillor John Redmond
That the Manager report on the reason as to why the opening times for Bring Centres has been curtailed; in light of the fact that they are now closed on Sundays, will the Manager consider extending the opening times on a Saturday until 6pm to facilitate users of this facility who work Monday to Saturday.
ORDER: Report to Councillor. Councillor Redmond asked could the facilities be opened on Sundays and closed on Mondays. The Manager to follow up with Waste Management Division.

NW/133/11 Motion in the name of Councillor Ciaran Perry
To ask the Manager what is the source/cause of the water flow on the Ratoath Road (northern end) adjacent to Dunsink Lane and Kilshane estate?
ORDER: Motion falls

NW/134/11 Motion in the name of Cllr Anthony Connaghan
That the manager arranges for litter bins to be fitted at or near the entrances Farnham Park.
ORDER: Report to Councillor.

Roads and Traffic Matters

NW/135/11 Minutes arising from the Traffic Advisory Group meeting held on 19th April 2011 in relation to traffic matters for the North West Area.
ORDER: Noted.


NW/136/11 Motion in the name of Cllr Anthony Connaghan

That the Manager arranges for the potholes on Barry Avenue to be properly re-instated and not just tarmaced as has been the practice of late. This road carries lots of traffic and if not repaired properly this problem will resurface time and time again.
ORDER: Report to Councillor.

NW/137/11 Motion in the name of Cllr Micháel MacDonncha

That the Manager arranges for repairs to paths outside of 39 Coultry Way as they are in a poor state
ORDER: Report to Councillor.

NW/138/11 Motion in the name of Cllr Séamus McGrattan

That the Manager arranges for replacement of tarmac area between numbers 50 and 80 Plunkett Road as it is in a very poor state.
ORDER: Report to Councillor.

BRL Matters

NW/139/11 With reference to the proposed disposal of 2, 4 & 6 Barnwall Drive to the Peter McVerry Trust, having its registered office at 29 Mountjoy Square, Dublin 1.
ORDER: Recommend to City Council

NW/140/11 With reference to the proposed disposal of lands adjacent to 19 Dolmen Court from Ballymun Regeneration Limited as agent of Dublin City Council to Mrs Kathleen Ryan of 19 Dolmen Court, Ballymun, Dublin 9.
ORDER: Recommend to City Council. The Manager to provide a report to a future North West Area Committee meeting on any other locations in Ballymun where it would be possible to dispose of a site where the public right of way has been extinguished to the adjacent householder.

NW/141/11 BRL Progress Report
ORDER: Noted.


NW/142/11 Motion in the name of Councillor Bill Tormey

Can the Manager provide an update on the progress of the Ballymun
Regeneration schedule.
ORDER: Report to Councillor.


NW/143/11 Standing orders were suspended for the following Emergency Motion

“That the North West Area Committee calls for immediate action by all concerned for the Parkview site. As yet no business plan has been produced by Grant Thornton and the Committee previously asked for the matter to be expedited.”
ORDER: Agreed.

NW/144/11 The Public Domain Officer gave an update on the proposed changes to Dublin Bus routes in the North West Area. The Committee asked that Ray Coyne and Donal Keating from Dublin Bus be invited to attend the June North West Area Committee meeting.
ORDER: Noted.

NW/145/11 Refurbishment works on the changing facility on Kildonan Road are due to commence on the 13th June 2011. The contract is expected to take 20 weeks to complete.
ORDER: Noted.

NW/146/11 The Youth Seminar scheduled for the 24th May in the Finglas Youth Resource Centre has been postponed.
ORDER: Noted.


Councillors: Bill Tormey, Paul McAuliffe, John Redmond, Anthony Connaghan, Steve Wrenn

Councillors: Julia Carmichael, Andrew Montague

Officials: Charlie Lowe (Area Manager), Margaret Geraghty (Senior Executive Officer), Mary Taylor (Senior Executive Officer), Jackie O’Reilly (Public Domain Officer), Alan O’Mara (Executive Technician), Wendy Dowling (Staff Officer)

Ballymun Regeneration Limited Personnel
Eamon Farrelly (Projects and Contracts Liaison Manager)

Councillor Bill Tormey