Magdalene Laundry – discussion at Dublin City Council

There was an excellent discussion at Dublin City Council tonight at which councillors unanimously offered the women and girls effectively incarcerated there an apology. The full discussion is on the webcast and compares favourably with the Seanad on Oireachtas Report.

My points included the opinion that the story of those institutions were a reflection of a society dominated by the Jansenist Catholic Church. The baleful consequences of deep psychological conditioning, social control and sexual repression were there for all to see. “Fallen women”. These institutions were part to the culture of internal exile in Ireland where awkward problems were made disappear lest they contaminate the righteous and the good. These were the hidden recesses of a blinkered state.

This is the psychology of the supremacy of Canon Law over the law of the land. Drumcondra knows best and woe betide anyone who objects.

Lest you think that there are no creepy crawlies under the rocks here today – How many children are there in this state who are the progeny of Irish men and illegal immigrants? These children are fully Irish citizens and their rights are ignored by most of the HSE establishment. One of the judges in the Court at East Essex Street is an honorable exception.I know of there children in this category at present. One in Dublin. another in Co Meath and a third in Limerick. I think that the Limerick kid may have been acknowledged by the father. More of anyone is interested.