Public Accounts Committee

John McGuinness TD of Fianna Fail was elected as Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee.

Mr Shane Ross TD had also been a candidate for the post, which is traditionally held by the largest opposition party.

He told the committee today he regretted the Government parties had combined to elect Mr McGuinness and said it was “utterly inappropriate” any member of Fianna Fáil should be put in charge of monitoring public accounts.

I also think that it is “utterly inappropriate” for Mr Ross to be elected into that position because he propounded some highly unwise promotions for the great and the not-so-good in our society in his column in the Sunday Independent. McGuinness has a record of dissent in Fianna Fail based on substantive issues and not personalities. I think he has the talent to be a good watchdog.

I think that John McGuinness has a relatively good record with the emphasis on the relative.