Read this and inhale the self righteous arrogance of this puff of hubris. OMG about covers it.

Press statement by Joe Higgins TD, Socialist Party on the death of Brian Lenihan

Brian Lenihan’s death at the untimely age of 52 is a tragic and
devastating blow to his family. The Socialiast Party in Dublin West
joins many others in the constituency in extending our condolences.

Since we fought the very closely contested Dublin West Bye election in
April 1996, there were very sharp political differences between
us.Those disagreements grew into a chasm with regard to the blanket
guarantee to the banks in 2008 and the EU/IMF austerity programme in

We do not intend to engage in any public debate in relation to these
contentious political issues over the next days and urge all relevant
parties and the media to observe a period of restraint in which the
family of Brian Lenihan are afforded the space and respite to mourn.