Kippure Park United

Motion in the name of Councillor Bill Tormey

Can the Manager please review policy with regard to soccer team formation in Finglas.

ORDER: Report to Councillor. The Manager explained that Parks & Landscape Services Division try to accommodate requests from football clubs in the area with access to local pitches. The Chair asked that if any football clubs contact councillors individually, that they put them in contact with the FAI Sports Officers in Finglas or Ballymun.

There are problems in Finglas when locals form new football clubs. It is difficult to provide the players with pitches and this leads to dissatisfaction. There are individual difficulties on many occasions where personal dislikes and antipathies prevent rational associations of players at local level. The GAA has an explicit policy on keeping their clubs as big as possible to ensure viability and longevity.

Finglas Celtic is opening their facility at Kilshane Road next month and facilities at Johnstown and Kildonan Parks are being continuously upgraded.