The surveillance society – Senator Kelly style.

In the report on Seanad Eireann in the Irish Times, Jimmy Walsh writes that Senator John Kelly of Labour said that he had no midea why consideration was not being goven to fingerprinting for all citizens of the country> Social Welfare fraud was rife he said (Where is his evidence!!!!). “Any law abiding citizen would be quite willing to be fingerprinted i relation to claiming social welfare. If they’re law abiding, there’s no issue with it. I think it is something to be considered down the road.”

Civil liberties is not an issue of much concern to this genius. The last Labour government in the UK did much to undermine civil liberties and embed the surveillance society. Labour in the UK have a deeply authoritarian streak and have to be watched. In the 1970’s some Labour cabinet members were also fast and loose with civil liberties and Minister Paddy Cooney of Fine Gael was not exactly a liberal!