HSE Annual Report 2010 – Bulletin Summary

The HSE has published its 2010 Annual Report and Annual Financial Statements. The Report confirms that the HSE substantially delivered on its service plan commitments for 2010 in terms of the level of service provided, employment levels and funding. In 2010, the HSE had a budget of €14.2 billion while its budget for 2011 is €13.4 billion.

Reductions in the overall budget allocation required a relentless focus on achieving savings in non-service areas in order to protect access to frontline services. €127 million in savings were delivered through reducing the cost of procuring goods and services. Savings of €17.7million were achieved by reducing the costs of drugs and medicines.

In line with Government policy to reduce the numbers of people working in the public sector, numbers employed in the HSE reduced by 1,781 whole time equivalents in 2010. Bringing the total reduction in the number of employees (WTEs) to 3,533 since 2007.

The HSE’s focus during 2010 remained on shifting the balance of care from acute to community services.

During 2010:-

▪ Over 1.3 million people received in-patient or day case treatment in 2010, a 4% increase over that provided in 2009. Referrals for elective surgery increased by 19% during 2010;
▪ 50% of all elective in-patient procedures were conducted on day of admission;
▪ 77% of all in-patient stays were in respect of public patients;
▪ More procedures were carried out on a day case basis – 70% in 2010 compared to 65% in 2009;
▪ There were over 1.1 million attendances at Emergency Departments, a decrease of 1% over 2009;
▪ There were over 3.5 million attendances in our Out-patient Departments, an increase of 6% over 2009;
▪ Over 3.6 million bed days were used with an average length of stay of 6.1 days;
▪ 74,418 babies were born in 2010;
▪ Over 1.6 million people were covered by medical cards and 117,423 people covered by GP visit cards which represents more than one in four of the population;
▪ Over 17 million prescriptions were dispensed for people with medical cards;
▪ Over 899,000 contacts were made during 2010 with GP Out of Hours services;
▪ 17,249 patients received orthodontic treatment;
▪ During the 2009/2010 pandemic vaccination programme, 1.1 million vaccines were administered by GPs and at HSE vaccinations clinics;
▪ There are 1,056,947 children (0-18yrs) in Ireland. Of this number, 0.5% of these are in the care of the State with 90% of these being cared for by foster families;
▪ 200 additional social workers for Child Protection and Alternative Care Services were employed during the year, targeted at areas of greatest need;
▪ Over 11.68 million home help hours were provided to 54,011 clients;
▪ 9,941 people received a Home Care Package;
▪ 4.6% of the population over 65 years of age required long term residential care. The cost of this care in 2010 was over a billion euro;
▪ 70% of residential care is provided in private facilities and 30% in public facilities.

Information relating to the HSE Dublin North East area is detailed in Appendix 2 and a copy of the report has been circulated for your information.