Over the TOP Michael O’Donovan on Lord Mayor Andrew Montague

“Mayor Slow sits in he back of his new Mercedes and pulls off his major U-turn.” heading on Michael O’Doherty’s page in the Thusday’s Herald . Now the MOD rant is somewhat over the top. Andrew Montague may be a man for the slow bicycle race but he is not a hypocrite. To my certain knowledge, Andrew Montague normally cycles all over the city. I am not into that myself but he is. He and I have had major barnies about the 30 kph on the Quays and down Winetavern Street but he could not have got this stuff passed unless he had a majority to do so on Dublin City Council.I formed the “Coalition for Common Sense” and had great fun trying to reverse the worst excesses of the green wellies. But only a curmudgeon would begrudge or deny the success of the Dublin Bike Scheme. I certainly don’t.

Bus Gate I still demur.

The schedule of the Lord Mayor is quite grueling and the I think that the new Lord Mayor should make use of the car. Perhaps Michael O’Doherty should spend and entire day with the Lord Mayor to get a real experience of what is required.

I seconded the proposal of Councillor Montague as Lord Mayor. What I said about him I meant. He is no hypocrite.

So Andrew, Ask Michael to spend a day with you at a myriad of functions.

Best of luck lads.