The Presidential Selection Convention at the Regency Hotel, Swords Road in BAC

Never in my life would I vote for the PDs. I listened to Pat Cox make a well thought out speech setting out his stall. He certainly does not lack confidence or self-regard. It is self evident that he has a high ability to network and get people to follow him. I am very impressed with his achievement as president of the European Parliament. He discussed the idea of “reputation” and its ethereal vagueness. I enjoyed that but I thought he was too earnest and lacked the sense of the absurd. Pomposity was present as was hubris hiding behind the self-congratulation. But I’m biased. I made my mind up on him years ago. My favorite european was Willy Brandt, then probably Mitterand. Adenaur and Kohl were also impressive as far as I am concerned. The of course Michael Gorbachev is in my pantheon of greats.

Then came Mairead McGuinness – her speech was good but lacked gravitas. When placed against Mary Robinson and Mary McAleese – No Not really.

Gay Mitchell mentioned his origins and first job in CIE at Islandbridge visible from the Aras in the Phoenix Park. He mentioned the changing face of Ireland with the permanence of the new Irish and I salute him for that. Gay also talked about the impact of suicide on friends and family. The MA in Politics he got in Queens in Belfast gave him insight into sectarianism in Northern Ireland and he pledged to continue the work of Senator Martin McAleese in that area. In short, he made it easy to vote for him.