New Politics – renewal of vows.

The religious love to reknew their baptismal and sometimes marriage
vows on a regular basis

Lets have a go here except this is the vow for NEW POLITICS.

Do you reject lies and deceit in all their shabby insincerity?

Do you affirm your loyalty to the god of democracy and the role of
integrity in public affairs?

Do you respect adult autonomy and the duty to preserve self-respect?

Do you respect the duty of Dail Eireann to hold the executive to account?

Do you respect the integrity of the loner who will stand by his/her
word to his/her neighbours who vote for him/her at the polls?

Do you acknowledge that an apology is a little word called “sorry”?

Do you acknowledge that we are all fallible and that sometimes we say
things in ignorance rather than as deceitful lies?

Do you acknowledge that the “whip” is a convenient way to hide behind
a collective and dodge responsibility for one’s own actions?

Have you made an attempt to reform the whip system so that it covers
financial matters and confidence motions broadly?