Anti-immigrant Councillor Treanor on Newstalk

Newstalk tonight included a row between myself and Councillor Seamus Treanor from North Monaghan who was zenophobic and anti-immigrant. He reminded me forceably of the European Far Right National Front, BNP, Dutch Freedom Party, Austrian Freedom Party, Danish Peoples Party, Flemish Block in Belgium, The Progress Party in Norway and German Neonazis. He makes me ashamed to be Irish. I gave him both barrels metaphorically.

I will always take on anti-immigrant people and expect the predictable backlash from texts, tweets and e-mails.

How could I bear to look in the mirror if I did not vigorously take on that guy.

My home “destroyed” me and made me realise the value of every person and the non-superiority of any nation over another. We are all just people. The immigration here has added hugely to the nation and given us a new experience that is enriching. They also added a few % to our GDP during the boom. I think “love your neighbour” has something to do with my attitudes.