There are some things sacrosanct – the doctor-patient relationship, the lawyer-client relationship, the confessional

THE CATHOLIC Church and the State are on a collision course over Government plans to force priests to disclose information on child sexual abuse obtained in the confessional.

The measure, announced in response to the findings of a report on the handling of child abuse complaints in the diocese of Cloyne, is likely to encounter significant resistance within the church.

Under the plans put forward by Minister for Justice Alan Shatter, priests could be jailed for up to five years for failing to disclose information on serious offences against a child even if this was obtained in Confession.

These are quotes from the Irish Times of today.

My view is contrary to that. I support the Catholic view of the confessional and urge all that miscreants to be advised by their confessor to go to the Gardai.

My views on religions etc are well written and explicit here but I respect religions also. The Catholic Religion is is impossible to practise if it was mandatory to report a penitant’s details to the Gardai. I cannot see how it could be enforced anyway.