Brian Byrne on Finglas Area Office Update

Item No: 13

To the Chairperson and Members of the
North West Area Committee

Meeting: 15th July 2011


• Housing Update

• Rapid Update

• Community Update

Housing Update

Estate Management
In May and June 2011 there were:
• 14 anti-social/breach of tenancy complaints to the Finglas Area Office
• 15 interviews carried out
• 2 Final Warnings issued

A case conference took place with the HSE, the Gardai and Dublin City Council and a Probation Officer in June in relation to the anti-social behaviour of one of our tenants. The tenant was present and a number of issues were discussed and a plan was put in place to deal with the situation. A review will take place in 3 months.

Housing Allocations May / June 2011
Category Housing Transfers
Points 5 1
Medical 0 0
Welfare 2 1
Homeless 0 0
Travellers 0 0
De-tenanting 0 0
Maintenance Grounds 0 0
Surrendering Larger 0 0
Unable to afford 0 0
Total 7 2

Older Person Unit Allocations May and June 2011
Category Housing Transfers
Points 1 0
Medical 0 0
Welfare 1 0
Category Housing Transfers
Homeless 0 0
Travellers 0 0
De-tenanting 0 0
Maintenance Grounds 0 0
Surrendering Larger 0 1
Unable to afford 0 0
Financial Contribution 0 0
Total 2 1

Fairlawn Area
New tenants have now moved into no. 37, 106 Fairlawn Road and 4 Fairlawn Park, 105 Fairlawn Road is allocated and the new tenant will move in next week. All of the new tenants have a connection with the local area.

106 Fairlawn is now occupied and the boundary walls have been rebuilt.
The graffiti has also been removed from the gable wall of the house and this work has greatly improved the appearance of this corner.

More paint was supplied to the residents in the Hazelcroft/Fairlawn and Cloonlara by the Local Area Office. The Dulux ‘Lets Colour It’
project have approved 200 litres of free paint for the area after an application by the Finglas South CDP. This paint will be used to continue the boundary walls painting programme.

The sale of over 80 hanging baskets took place on the 21st May. The baskets were supplied by Daisy Roots Gardening Project who made the hanging baskets in St. Helena’s House for supply to the residents. The residents were charged a nominal fee for the baskets and the event was sponsored by the Local Area Office.

Prospect Hill
The snagging is almost complete on the apartments in Block 2 and 2A Prospect Hill. The snagging of the common areas is still in progress with significant works to be carried out and negotiations with the Developer are ongoing in this regard.
Vacant Site
The vacant site at Prospect Hill is continuing to cause problems for residents in Prospect Hill. Illegal dumping and anti-social behaviour is continuing on the site. The transfer of the site back to Dublin City Council is currently with the Developers Solicitors. The City Council’s Law Department have again written to the Developer to try and expedite the transfer.

Griffith Heights Pyrite
Further condition surveys of the houses in Griffith Heights will take place in the coming weeks. The court case between Noreside Construction and Irish Asphalt took place on the 21st May. No decision has been given by the Court.

Ballygall Road East
Ballygall Road East is the largest Older Persons Complex in the City.
There are 77 units in the complex of which 76 are bedsits. Part 8 Planning Permission for the redevelopment of the site was received in March 2008. The proposal is with the DOEHLG since October 2008 awaiting final approval. We do not anticipate getting funding approval for the project in the foreseeable future.

The Area Housing Manager has met with Fold on site to look at options for refurbishment of the existing complex. The option of knocking 2 bedsits into a 1 bedroom unit is now being considered and costed.

The two play areas were filled with top soil and seeded. It is hoped to engage with residents living locally to explore the option of planting trees in these areas.
Repairs have been completed on the railings on Berryfield Drive.

The metal stumps discussed at the Finglas South Safety Forum have been removed and the area cleaned up and made safe. Funding has not been identified to replace the railings.

Finglas South Safety Forum
The Finglas South Safety Forum met on the 20th June 2011 and while the attendance was small, a number of residents who never previously came to the meetings attended. The City Council gave a report on issues raised at the April meeting and on meetings with local residents groups arranged by the Safety Forum Co-ordinator.

Rents Update
The Finglas Area Office continues to provide a rent assessment service for tenants living in the Finglas area. Between May and June 2011 the Rent Assessment Officer conducted 117 rent assessments for the Finglas area.

Brian Byrne
Area Housing Manager