The Reilly File 111 – Bulls Eye Reilly

Next is the flu vaccine administration in pharmacies.

Minister Reilly says that the state will save between €5 million and
€13 million in the year.

He also claims that this will lead to an increase in the uptake of the
vaccine. There will be consequent decreases in flu cases, less visits
to GPs and less people needing hospitatisation due to secondary
pneumonia and flu itself.

Is the latter claim believeable?

What is the role of GPs in primary care?

Who will look after the local arm reactions, reassure the patients and
perhaps deal with faints that occur periodically?

Where does that leave the practice nurses who are set up now to ensure
that the elderly are vaccinated?

Who will inform the GPs when patients who are shedding memory cells do
not get the vaccines.

How will pharmacies know who to contact?

Laugh a minute this guy – never fails to disappoint.

Bulls eye Reilly!