Report in Wicklow People. More time for prisoner with mobile phone in cell. Are myself andf Vincent Browne the only ones who do not see this as a “serious matter”?

Wednesday July 20 2011

A FORMER prisoner at Shelton Abbey saw another five months added to
his current sentence after he was found with a mobile phone in the

Gary Bailey (33), of 66 Hollycourt, Ballybrack, Dublin, was charged
with being in possession of a mobile phone at Shelton Abbey Prison,
Beech Road, Arklow, on August 16 2010.

Inspector Mary Aldridge told the court that, on December 17 2010,
Garda O’Brien had met with the chief officer at the prison who handed
him a sealed bag containing a mobile phone.

The court also heard that Bailey, a father-of-one, had 31 previous
convictions and was currently in Mountjoy serving a three year
sentence for burglary, which was handed down at Dublin Circuit Court
on April 27 2009.

Bailey’s solicitor said that her client wished to apologise to the
court and to the prison officers. She said her client was currently
clean of drugs and that many of his previous convictions were directly
linked to heroin and other drug use. She said that he had used the
phone to call his family and has a job lined up with his partner’s
family for when he is released.

Judge Gerard Haughton described the possession of a mobile phone by a
prisoner as a ‘serious matter’ and sentenced Bailey to five months
imprisonment, to commence from the time that his current sentence