Reform of Dublin Local Government – Good Suggestion

Dear Cllr Tormey

As “an anorak” I read your posting about Phil Hogan’s proposals for
reforming local government with great interest. I am glad to see he is
getting stuck in with merging the Limerick, Tipperary and Waterford
local authorities.

Given that Dublin cannot have a council of 130 members, would it not
make more sense for a new Dublin Regional Assembly of 40-45 full time
public representatives to replace the four existing councils?

The reason I suggest this is that the number of regional authority
members should be identical to the number of TDs in Dublin. As a cost
saving measure the constituencies used to elect the assembly members
could be identical to the new Dail constituencies. This would remove
the need to set up another boundary commission in addition to the one
dealing with the Dail constituencies.

As an ordinary citizen such a system would be much easier to
understand as the constituencies used for local government would be
the exact same as those used for Dail Eireann. The replacing of part
time 130 councillors with 45 full time local representatives should
yield some cost savings and give a more coherent basis for

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

The best of luck – you have a difficult job in very hard times

Best wishes


Comment from BT. I agree with this but I would not give up medicine to
do that full-time. I have a serious life long commitment to medicine.