The Reilly File – 10 out of 10 for this Dr Reilly. The culture of oppression is part and parcel of administrationism in the HSE and in hospitals like Beaumont with their gagging clauses.

Reilly ‘won’t hinder’ HSE official after scathing attack

By Anne-Marie Walsh

Monday August 01 2011

Health Minister James Reilly yesterday said the job of a senior
official who made a stinging attack on politicians and public servants
in charge of the health service was “absolutely safe”.

Mr Reilly said he wanted to encourage the national director of the
HSE’s Child and Family Service, Gordon Jeyes, to continue speaking

His comments came after Mr Jeyes claimed the Government had no
detailed plan for its new children’s department and branded the
culture of the HSE as “appalling”.

Referring to Mr Jeyes as a “straight-talking guy, as opposed to a
canny Scotsman”, Mr Reilly agreed with his views on the HSE, adding
that its corporate structure was “clearly dysfunctional”.

But he defended his cabinet colleagues against Mr Jeyes’s claims that
some of them believed child-protection problems could be solved solely
by new legislation.

He was responding to a scathing speech by Mr Jeyes last month, in
which he lambasted the Cabinet and HSE for numerous failures.

“I’ve no intention of seeing a man who can stand up and deliver a
message of concern of this nature being hindered in any way,” Mr
Reilly said.

He agreed with Mr Jeyes that talks with unions were going on too long
and warned the Government would walk away from the Croke Park deal if
it was not delivering.

However, he said the Government would not lift the ban on hiring,
which Mr Jeyes referred to as “daft”.

The HSE said it had only seen snippets of Mr Jeyes’ speech and would
need to read the full text before it could draw any conclusions.

Mr Jeyes said if you could write a textbook about the HSE, it would
show “if it was possible to get it wrong, they got it wrong”.

The HSE manager yesterday stood over his criticisms in an interview on
RTE Radio.

But he said he had since been given permission by the Government to
appoint new senior officials to assist him in his role, as he had

– Anne-Marie Walsh