Magdelene survivors – Mercy Order and Irish government

This is an appropriate letter and sentiment from Kerry County Council

2nd August, 2011.

Please quote my Ref: BR/Jul 11/03 on all correspondence.

Mr. Alan Shatter, TD,
Minister for Justice and Equality,
Department of Justice and Equality,
94 St. Stephen’s Green,
Dublin 2.

A Chara,

I have been requested by the members of Kerry County Council to refer the following resolution to you for consideration.

“That this Council supports the Justice for Magdalenes (JFM), survivor advocacy group’s calling on the Irish state, to offer a formal state apology to all survivors of the Magdalene Laundries and that the Government immediately establish a statutory inquiry into these abuses. To do otherwise is to cause additional pain and suffering to the women and thereby bring further shame on our nation. The women and their children deserve justice now.”

During the course of the debate on this resolution members pointed out that the Residential Institutions Act 2002 did not make provision for the victims of the Mercy Order in the Magdalene homes/laundries. They said that an apology should be issued to these victims by the State immediately for the crimes committed against them and compensation should also be made available to them from those who were supposed to protect them.

Members asked that those who lost children at that time would be assisted in tracing them now.

Please consider the above issues and let me have your response at your convenience.

Mise, le meas,

Gerard O’Brien
Riarthóir Cruinnithe/Meetings Administrator