Connolly Hospital under pressure

HSE  on Connolly Hospital

There has been no reduction in Connolly Hospital Budget (since it was
set early in the year).  What has happened is the RDO HSE DNE has
issued instructions to management in the region regarding the need to
implement cost savings measures to ensure the region remains within
budget by year end.  Measures that must be implemented include caps on
spending in relation to  locum / agency / overtime / outsourced
domestic and household costs – this will move them closer to operating
within their 2011 budget.

In a letter to Managers the RDO acknowledged that this instruction
will add additional pressures to those already working hard in the
system to deliver safe and effective patient services.

HSE Dublin North East must comply with its statutory obligations and
remain within its allocated budget.  Every effort will be made to do
that in a way that has the least impact on patients and clients.