Peter Matthews TD

There is a two way problem when political parties nominate and the
public elects celebrity media stars to the Oireachtas. Peter Matthews
came to public prominence as a banking expert on ‘Tonight with Vincent
Browne’ on TV3. The wanker bankers are the reason for his celebrity.
Peter just happens to be a nice affable intelligent guy as well. I
know his brother Mark in Medicine – from the same stable.

Peter has proven himself an astute analyst of the nemeric masturbation
in the banks here. His calculations have been astute and over time the
accuracy of his comments become manifest.

After the election, it took him a relatively short space of time to
emerge from under the FG tent and reassert his professionalism. This
he has done as I can hear from his analysis on ‘Browne’ recently. It
is important that high quality people are elected because there are
quite a few less than average performers in the Oireachtas.I hope
Peter Matthews remains as PM and does not submit to silencing or
secret blandishments to buy the beal dunta.