David Stanton TD – Good Guy – getting hard time from George

David was interviewed by George on the Right Hook on Wednesday. He got a bit of a hard time when he was trying to set out a framework to improve the lot of students in taking honours maths in the Leaving Cert.

David was very good. He said that he taught Hons Maths and has a degree in maths. He advocated an pass maths exam alongside the original exam to discourage the abandonment of Hons Maths at the last moment by nervous students who fear that if they failed that they would not be accepted into Universites. David is correct and that is an innovative solution and suggestion.

But George’s point that if maths is so hard and time consuming, what ware guidance teachers doing in schools not giving students the right steer? Both are correct. There should be extra points for honours maths and sciences including biology. Get to it Ruairi!