Commentary by a awestuck German

Why can we say that our social welfare system is not working?
Simply because people love to stay on it

1. and even are instructing their own children how to receive social welfare .

2. And foreigners do come to Ireland knowing about this very generous system.

3. And jobs are not being taken as earning just 200 euros more a month
when working at the airport is not a reason for having to go to work.
Social welfare is meant to help people in need, in case they do
really need it while they are out of work.
But up to 80% of the Irish social welfare is used by such who have
lived on social welfare all their lives or are born into it. This is
leading to a social welfare society that is growing and growing
stronger and will eventually bring huge conflicts within society.
How can it be that woman with children who had may be 10 years ago no
job and child now are having a job and a partner are still living in
social housing?
I believe the problem lies in the idea that when you are a young
mother you will automatically receive social welfare and a house, with
this believe system you keep growing your social welfare takers rather
than reducing them.

What have other countries done to reduce their social welfare?

1. Have removed social housing, only money is given to individuals,
and such need to look for their own accommodation.

2. They have privatised social welfare by selling houses to an agent.

3. Young woman with children living on streets or having a drug
problem. If a parent can not prove that they are in the position to
raise the child in a healthy environment the child is being removed
and brought into a foster home where it can grow up in conditions that
prepares the child being a healthy and supportive part to society.
Rather than a just taking one.

4. If you have no job or are not working the state will offer you
training so that you can find a new job you like. The state will the
offer you three jobs if you don’t take them the social welfare will be
reduced down and will be further reduced if you refuse the second time
until you reach a very low income…
I am sure there are many more ideas of how to reduce social welfare spend.
The reason I am writing this is a story my Italian friend told me. A
young 14 year old youth approached her saying “ ohh can you please
organise my birthday my parents are drug addicts and don’t do anything
for me.” So she did organise that birthday party and to her surprise
that same child took at the day 290 euros out of her wallet. In
addition she received a blue eye by one of the s friends as she was
trying to produce some order and discipline. Youth raised in such
conditions only know “taking” , giving and being a healthy part in
society is not what thy do or have learned to do. . Only the
government has to control to change this.
This will not just happen by its self. It’s about time that you take
responsibility guiding your people into the right direction towards a
healthy society.