Haematology in Beaumont

Serious concerns have been raised among consultant staff at Beaumont
Hospital about the safe delivery of services to patients with serious
blood cancers in the Dublin North East (DNE) region.

Dr Bill Tormey, consultant chemical pathologist at Beaumont Hospital,
has asked the HSE, in his role as chairperson of the DNE regional
health forum, to immediately address the concerns of staff.

Dr Tormey, in a question to the forum on behalf of staff at the
Beaumont, stated that the Hospital is the regional cancer and
radiotherapy centre for the DNE region.
“Beaumont is the first hospital in Ireland to introduce electronic
cross matching for blood transfusion and the first in the network to
introduce blood sharing between hospitals which have reduced blood
wastage to less than 0.5 per cent,” he commented.

“Services continue to grow by approximately 20 per cent year on year
despite no increase in NCHDs for more than five years.
“Beaumont has now been asked to suppress one/two NCHD posts in an
already over stretched service which has much fewer staff than
haematology services across the country.”

In response the HSE claimed that staffing levels in haematology had
remained steady in the past five years, but they admitted that one
post at senior house office (SHO) level in haematology has been
suppressed from July until November.

“The consultant manpower in haematology has been restructured recently
and has resulted in an additional eight sessions allocated to Beaumont
Hospital,” the response read.