Arthur’s Day – No way here man.

Below is a copy of the correspondence between a Diageo person and
council person.

It is an irresponsible paean to the glories of Guinness. It has to be
the advertsiing stunt of this century in Dublin. But But But – it
underlines and glorifies the greatest toxin in our society and send
tyhe wrong message to the world that Paddy is a beery, bombastic and
bankrupt idiot who can’t see through the end of the glass.

Arthur’s Day

Arthur’s Day has been a very successful event enjoyed safely and
responsibly by thousands of people across Ireland and abroad. It is
one of the largest live music events held in the city each year and we
have and will be working closely with gardai, local councils and the
authorities on the 40 different events occurring around Ireland, 22 of
which are in Dublin. All of the events we organise as part of the
event are indoors and we have put in place a rigorous health and
safety programme to ensure people at these events can enjoy them
safely and responsibly. We are also implementing a strong responsible
drinking awareness campaign, and have provided clear guidance and
information to pubs creating their own celebrations on how they can do
so and ensure their customers can enjoy Arthur’s day safely and

Other points

Becoming an important event to promote Dublin – Guinness ran
promotions in 14 different countries with the prize a trip to Dublin
for Arthur’s Day. Arthur’s Day will also be celebrated in 40 different
countries around the globe

Based on the additional consumers participated last year, it
generated an additional €38 million, including eating out, transport
and other services.

91 per cent of people want to see it happen in 2011 (Lansdowne Market research).

Health, Safety and responsibility

22 events hosting official Arthur’s Day celebrations in Dublin are all
indoors and ticketed. Each venue has undergone rigorous screening,
including an independent audit by Eamon O’Boyle & Associates which
evaluates safe holding capacity, fire safety measure including
maintenance of systems and fire safety regime, compliance with
statutory imperatives(licences etc). There will be independent audits
of these venues throughout the night.

We have worked with the council and the gardai to brief them on these
plans as they have evolved.

Responsible Drinking

For Arthur’s Day 2011, our plans to promote responsible drinking and
discourage alcohol misuse include a number of specific communications
and actions under the theme of ‘Times to Remember’, including: