Birth Cohort Study Follow-up Report of the All Ireland Traveller Health Study published

The Department of Health have published the Birth Cohort Follow Up
Report of the All Ireland Traveller Health Study. The report presents
the one year follow-up of Traveller infants born in Ireland between
October 2008 and October 2009.

The Department of Health and Children, in conjunction with the
Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety in Northern
Ireland, commissioned the study in 2007. The School of Public Health,
Physiotherapy and Population Science, University College Dublin were
appointed to conduct the Study which expanded on research conducted by
the Health Research Board in 1987: ‘Travellers Health Status Study –
Vital Statistics of the Travelling People’.

This research consisted of a detailed longitudinal study investigating
health-related issues of maternal and infant health status and the
health services utilisation experience of 508 Traveller families and
their infants. This was completed with the cooperation of Traveller
mothers themselves, public health nurses and other healthcare staff.

Traveller health continues to be a priority for the Department of
Health and the Health Service Executive and considerable work has
already been undertaken in this area. This commitment is reflected in
the significant resources allocated to Traveller health services and
to the commissioning of the All Ireland Traveller Health Study. The
findings of the study to date have been informing policy development
and practice in relation to Traveller health, and the newly released
Birth Cohort Study Follow Up will add to the extensive knowledge base
that has been accumulated.

The full report can be downloaded at