Connolly – Budget pressures

That the Manager report on what measures are being taken by Connolly
Hospital to stay within budget and to what extent any savings have
been achieved by the Croke Park agreement.

Submitted by Cllr. Kieran Dennison


A Cost Containment Plan has been put in place. The plan includes the
current closure of 24 acute beds and seasonal closures of the
OPD/Surgical Day Ward. A number of savings have also been achieved
through re-negotiation of contracts in respect of Medical Engineering,
Maintenance, MRI, CDU and Cleaning costs. There is a focus on Private
Income Generation to achieve 70% occupancy for the period August to
December 2011.

The conversion of 2 public beds to provide
semi-private accommodation. There have been additional reductions in
agency and overtime to match the target of €500k per month from
August, 2011.

In relation to the Croke Park agreement, there has been a number of
areas of modernisation that have lead to improved efficiencies in the
hospital. They include:

 Organisational Structural Changes.
 Re-deployment of staff.
 Re-configuration of Departments.
 Centralised Waiting List Office.
 Improved Rostering and Governance of Health Care Assistants.
 Extended working day in the Laboratory.

There are a number of projects that have yet to be completed. These
include: Re-configuring of clinical and non-clinical support

All of these initiatives will eventually deliver on savings and will
be fully realised in due course.

Pat Dunne,
Area Manager – Dublin North,
Health Service Executive.