Connolly Hospital Blanchardstown, Dublin 15


To ask the Manager to confirm:-

 That funding arrangements formulated January 2011 for Blanchardstown
Hospital remain intact;
 That no changes to the agreed level of funding for the Hospital will
be made in the remainder of the financial year;
 That the current arrangement offering access to A&E patients in
Blanchardstown Hospital is secure and remains not subject to change in
the near future.

Submitted by Cllr. Eithne Loftus


 The initial budget allocated for 2011 was €84.4 m. This has been
increased and the current budget is now €84.8m.

 There are no plans to reduce the budget in the remainder of 2011.

 There are no changes planned for the emergency department in CHB at present.

Pat Dunne,
Area Manager – Dublin North,
Health Service Executive.