Minor injuries Unit in Monaghan hours cut – Saturday should be continued in Monaghan. €340,000 approx at stak

That this Forum calls on the HSE, in view of the continuing numbers of
people waiting on trolleys at the A&E Unit in Cavan General Hospital,
to abandon plans for the reduction in opening hours of the Minor
Injuries Unit in Monaghan General Hospital and instead refer people
from the A&E in Cavan to the Minor Injuries Unit in Monaghan. This
would help to relieve the pressure that staff are having to work under
in Cavan General Hospital.

Submitted by Cllr. Brian McKenna


The Minor Injury Unit (MIU) currently provides a specific service for
patients with minor injuries only. Approximately 23 patients attend
this unit daily.

An analysis of patients with Minor Injuries has been conducted on the
Cavan Hospital site ED and the number of patients per day with these
injuries is a very small percentage of the overall patient attendance.
A decision has been made to reduce the MIU at Monaghan Hospital to
eight hours per day, Monday to Friday from October 2011. The new
opening hours are still under discussion with key clinical staff.

The impact of the reduction in hours of the current MIU service on the
Monaghan Hospital site will not significantly impact on the ED in
Cavan Hospital. Furthermore, the times proposed for reduced hours to
the unit are those when the least volume of patients attend.

It is not always feasible for patients from the Cavan Hospital ED to
access the service in the MIU in Monaghan. However, this is currently
offered to all minor injury patients who attend the Cavan Hospital ED.
This is supported by clear signage in the ED waiting area and will
continue when the new opening hours are in place.

In the Cavan Hospital ED a designated Minor Injury Room has been
developed and is functional. It is important to note that this group
of patients are not impacting on the patients who are awaiting
admission in ED to In-Patient beds.

Leo Kinsella,
Area Manager – Cavan/Monaghan,
Health Service Executive.

Tel: (047) 30460
E-mail: am.cm@hse.ie