No to Norris

I am very clear on David Norris

1. He has said that he does not want an age of consent to sexual
relations but wants judges to adjudicate on these matters. If there is
no law, how can there be a crime of statutory rape?

2. He is sanguine to say the least about pederasty. Men and boys,
youths and adolescents in ancient Greece.

3. His letters to Israel were inappropriate.

4. This is the Presidency – Gay Mitchell and Michael G Higgins are
candidates as are Mary Davis, Sean Gallagher and Martin McGuinness.

That is democracy in action. If others want David Norris, that is
their business. I know who I want and why I want them in order of

Many people took the time to e-mail me on the Norris issue,
overwhelmingly for his nomination. Many cited “democracy” as the
reason to support him or abstain. the fact that Norris is on the
agenda at City Hall in Dublin tomorrow is democracy in action.
“Democracy” does not dictate that I should either abstain or bote in
the affirmative.

To be clear – I would vote for any independent person who is not a
right winger in philosophical terms unless there are compelling
reasons not to do so. Dana is out, so is Norris but Mary Davis would
not be. I would vote for her to run.