Poolbeg Incinerator – October 2011

Question to City Manager City Council Meeting 03/10/2011


To ask the City Manager for an opinion on the likely course of
development of the Poolbeg Incinerator and the current tonnage of
incinerator waste likely to be transported there for incineration?
How does the gate price compare with similar facilities in the UK,
Holland and Germany?


The City Council is in ongoing discussions with Covanta, our partner
in the Waste to Energy Project with a view to achieving the earliest
possible date for resumption of work on site.

In line with the EU Waste Hierarchy and the EU Waste Directive,
recently transposed into Irish Law, waste recovery facilities, such as
the existing Indaver incinerator in Co. Meath and the proposed
facility in Poolbeg are higher on the hierarchy than disposal
facilities, such as landfills. Accordingly, it is envisaged that
increasing amounts of waste will be delivered to recovery facilities
particularly in view of the need to divert waste from landfill and the
EU targets in this regard to be met by 2016.
While the gate fee which will apply to the Poolbeg facility has not
been confirmed, gate fees across Europe vary quite considerably.

A sample of fees is shown below.

Germany (2009 figures) Gate fee €80-€120 (Net of tax or levy); €95.20-142.80 (inclusive of VAT at 19.5%)

Netherlands (2008 figures): Gate fee €60-€100+ (VAT exempt and no levies – note €60 is for single plant only – €100+ is the average)

UK (2010 figures): Gate Fee (facilities used by Local Authorities) £32 to £79 (WRAP indicates these may not be a reliable estimate of gate fees in the current market) Gate fee (current market estimate based on industry feedback) £85 to £120 Gate Fee (Planned Facilities) £78 to £109