Sick Pay in Trinity

Senator David Norris received Disability Payments from Trinity College
for 16 years apparently due to hepatitis which he claims he got from
drinking water abroad. Hepatitis A comes from infected water but is
usually benign. Norris says that the payment was about 25% of his
regular salary. Fair enough but was TCD reimbursed by the state for
this? Despite 16 years of disability he is now in “perfect health”.
I’m glad he is. If the mode of transmission is correct then it is very
very unlikely to be hepatitis B or C or D. Unless it is autoimmune and
has remitted. Anyway enough of that.

This is the report in the Indo. It is noted that the Senate sat three
days per week when in session. David Norris would also have a
committee or two to attend. He might have been too ill to teach and
give tutorials in TCD for X weeks of the year but ok to sit and snooze
in the Seanad. He is usually entertaining there so……………….

Wednesday October 05 2011

INDEPENDENT presidential candidate David Norris received a disability
payment for 16 years while out of work as a Trinity College lecturer
— even though he was a “full-time” senator for the entire period.

Mr Norris confirmed to the Irish Independent last night he received
the payment, but could not specify exactly how much it was worth.

He also refused to say what his disability is.

He said the payment was around a quarter of his annual salary, but
said he “wasn’t getting anything like they get now”.

The 67-year-old Joycean scholar worked as a tutor and lecturer in
Trinity between 1968 and 1994, when he took the disability payment and
stopped working in the college.

The payment began in 1994 and ended in July of last year, when he
reached pension age. He has since received a pension from the college,
worth around €2,500 a month.

Mr Norris, who took part in last night’s TV3 debate with his six Aras
rivals, also receives a senator’s salary of €61,073.

He also said he spent his annual leader’s allowance — the €23,383
Independent senators receive in unvouched expenses every year — on
his Seanad work.

Mr Norris, who was first elected as a senator for Trinity in 1987 and
has been returned at every election since, focused on his Seanad
career after 1994. However, he would not say what the disability was,
and insisted it did not stand in his way of being president, insisting
he is in “perfect health”.

“And if you look at my Seanad record you see that. I hope we’re not
going down the medical route of all this but I will do any medical
test you want. I just think this is getting daft. It shows how open I
am, my life is an open book.”

But he asked not to go into the disability payment, saying there “was
a whole story about that”.

– Fiach Kelly Political Correspondent