Beggars beware.

There you are, a bus heading for Romania was raided in Dublin Port. I
am less than whelmed.

“During one raid in July, the bus was stopped in Dublin Port and a
“barefoot beggar” who operates on Grafton Street in Dublin city centre
and who is known to gardaí was found to be carrying €1,800 in €50

Because Roma gypsies obviously DO NOT COUNT then who are the other one
third of people arrested for begging? Were they all aggressive
beggars? Some were because I have witnessed them myself. Who does the
quality control on the cops arresting people for aggression? I know at
least one political comedian who will be most pleased with this. If
Phil Hogan ever takes over from Enda – will he be arrested for
aggressive begging in Europe? It is how you look at life after all!